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Fast Food 4U
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Clean Eating Fit4U
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Lack of time and preparation can be obstacles for clean eating, especially with a busy lifestyle. The recipes in Clean Eating Fit4U have basic ingredients and limited steps to make clean eating realistic for everyone. The recipes are for cooks of all levels and are full of flavor! The recipes include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, side dishes and protein smoothies with nutritional information provided on all of them. I teach you why its important to include protein, carbs and healthy fats in your diet. Also included are clean eating tips, healthy cooking substitutions, and some basic foods to stock your kitchen with. My section on spices will guide you on how to use spices and herbs to flavor your foods with less fat, sugar and salt. You can save time and money by planning a menu for the week. You will have access to my Fit4U printable Meal Planner that will help keep you on track for the week. You can also revise your favorites recipes by using my Fit4U printable Recipe Makeover. Whether you are Vegan, Gluten Free, dieting, an athlete, or just eating healthy, the tools and recipes in this book can simplify your healthy living!

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Abenteuer Leben - Täglich Wissen - Vom Airstrea...
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Airstream-Anhänger sind die Stilikonen unter den Wohnwagen. Seit Jahrzehnten cruisen sie über amerikanische Straßen und langsam werden sie auch in Europa immer populärer. Doch was kann man daraus machen? Wir begleiten das Model Sovereign von 1973 auf seinem Weg vom ausrangierten Wohnwagen zum stylischen Foodtruck. In der Hamburger Werkstadt Airstream4U wird die ausgediente Alu-Praline in den ´Ultimate Food Orbiter´ verwandelt.

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